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The First Network-Based Towable Brake System

Tow Vehicle and Trailer Linked Together and Braking in Perfect Harmony


Trailer Brake Controller

A small, but powerful network computer that links your tow vehicle’s computer network to your trailer braking system so that the brakes of both vehicles work seamlessly together providing superior, responsive tow braking.


Electric-Hydraulic Actuator

The fastest responding electric-hydraulic brake actuator, ActuLink monitors many key towing functions and is linked by a built-in two-way digital network (using the existing vehicle wiring) to the DirecLink NE. System faults are detected and sent to the display of the DirecLink NE.

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ActuLink ABS Module

4 Channel Independent ABS

Controlled by an advanced network computer, the ActuLink ABS Module has 4 unique multi-valve hydraulic channels which independently control the braking of each wheel precisely. In emergency braking it holds the maximum level of braking without locking the tires.

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Tuson Offers a Full Line of Towable Braking Components

A Complete Trailer Braking System with each Component Linked Together by a Digital Control and Diagnostic Network

Tuson has advanced the technology of towable brakes from designs of the 1950’s into the 21st century.

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One-Of-A-Kind Performance:

Emergency Stopping

Reduces emergency stopping by 10% on dry pavement and 16% on wet pavement versus locking the tires. This system also improves towable stability during braking.

Extraordinary Diagnostics

All of Tuson’s components continuously monitor the status of key parameters (more than 30) and immediately display fault or failure alerts on the color display of DirecLink NE.

Tuson RV Brakes, LLC

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21st Century Towable Brake System

The Innovation Leader In Towable Brake Systems

The systems of your tow vehicle don’t work independently of each other. Network computer control systems link them so they work seamlessly together.

Why would you want the brake system of your trailer working in isolation from your tow vehicle?

Vehicle control networks have evolved into powerful and flexible systems. It is this technology that has paved the way for a revolution in towable braking systems.

The DirecLink Network-Based Towable Brake System is the new standard.

The DirecLink Difference:

Retro-fit your existing 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Horse Trailer, Cargo Trailer or specify with the purchase of your next Towable RV, Horse Trailer or Cargo Trailer the DirecLink Network-Based Towable Brake System and enjoy these one-of-a-kind features and performance.


Featured in the September 2011 Issue of Trailer Life Pages 58-64


Tuson Sway Control

The First of its Kind

This system continuously monitors trailer yaw and rapidly identifies a trailer sway condition. The TSC is wired directly into the trailer braking system and automatically calculates a trailer braking solution to reduce and control a trailer swaying condition.

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