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Tuson Offers a Full Line of Towable Braking Components

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Featured in the September 2011 Issue of Trailer Life Pages 58-64


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Tuson RV Brakes Provides The Most Reliable and Advanced Braking Technology for Towables on The Market Today!

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The fastest responding electric-hydraulic brake actuator, ActuLink monitors many key towing functions and is linked by a built-in two-way digital network (using the existing vehicle wiring) to the DirecLink NE. System faults are detected and sent to the display of the DirecLink NE.

Controlled by an advanced network computer, the ActuLink ABS Module has 4 unique multi-valve hydraulic channels which independently control the braking of each wheel precisely. In emergency braking it holds the maximum level of braking without locking the tires.

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A small, but powerful network computer that links your tow vehicle’s computer network to your trailer braking system so that the brakes of both vehicles work seamlessly together providing superior, responsive tow braking.

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Tuson Corporation

is a proud member of

The National Association of

Trailer Manufacturers


HD Truck Module


HD Truck Module makes the

DirecLink Brake Controller

compatible with

most Heavy Duty Trucks

(HD Truck Module must be purchased separately)

Peterbilt Trucks


Semi Trucks



Volvo Truck


DirecLink Brake Controller

* Now For Heavy Duty Trucks *


RF Wireless

Camera System


Tuson RV Brakes’ RF Wireless Camera System is specially designed with two RF wireless camera inputs to allow drivers to add different views: Hitch View, Backup View, or Side View in any combination of two RF wireless cameras.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Tuson TPMS instantly detects trailer tire pressure and temperature for six tires. The wireless tire sensors mount inside your trailer tires and transmit signals by RF mode to a monitoring module that displays individual tire pressure and temperature. Tuson TPMS allows drivers to monitor the current status of all their trailer tires, increasing towing safety by allowing the driver to monitor all tires while towing.

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Tuson TSC is the first asymmetric electronic Sway Controller for use on electric brake equipped towables of all types. The TSC is wired directly into the towable’s electric braking system, continuously monitoring trailer yaw, rapidly identifying a dangerous trailer sway condition then automatically calculating a braking solution to reduce and control trailer sway.

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Tuson Sway Control (TSC)



Electric Hydraulic

Brake Actuators


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ABS Module


Brake Controllers