Bleeding the Brakes

Need to bleed the trailer brake system and have no one to help out? DirecLink NE has a simple aid to make this possible. Plug a standard telephone extension cable (the length needed to reach the trailer brakes) into the Control Module of the DirecLink NE, unplug the Command Module from its spiral cable and plug it onto the other end of the extension cable. Now you can use the manual over-ride to actuate the brake system for bleeding.



  Drum Brake Model

 Generates 1,000 psi for use with  drum brakes


  Disc Brake Model

 Generates 1,600 psi for use with  disc brakes

When used in combination with the DirecLink NE brake controller, automatically creates a digital, two-way data network over the existing wires of your tow vehicle and towable. ActuLink and DirecLink NE let you monitor the status of your towable braking system like never before.

No other electric-hydraulic actuator is designed to help you when the unexpected happens. When the electrical connections go bad or the brake fluid leaks out a broken fitting, ActuLink sends an immediate alert to the display of the DirecLink NE. With other actuators, you don’t know about the problem until the trailer brakes stop working

No other electric-hydraulic actuator has anti-lock towable braking capability. This capability reduces emergency stopping distance and greatly improves the stability of the towable during braking, especially in wet conditions.

Patented Digital Data Network

When the Unexpected Happens

One Of A Kind ABS Capability

Self Monitoring Diagnostics

Both models, when used with the DirecLink NE brake controller, can use a built in brake fluid level sensor to let you know if you are getting low. Also, they both can be upgraded to work with our hydraulic trailer ABS system.


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